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Solar Panel Cleaning and Washing

Solar panel washing - before and after

Washing solar panelsMaximize your solar potential

Regular solar panel washing can restore up to 25% of lost energy output due to debris build-up, and can maintain the rated capacity of your system. We clean all brands of photovoltaic systems and solar hot water panels - residential and commercial, large and small.


Water spots from washing panels with unfiltered municipal waterUsing municipal or well water can damage your panels.

Using unfiltered municipal or well water can leave water spots due to naturally occurring minerals present in the water, and varying pH levels can corrode the aluminum frames of your solar panels. Removing this water damage is very difficult.


Five-stage water purification and filtration systemOur advanced water filter system protects your investment.

The five-stage water purification system removes 99.99% of impurities from water and brings the pH to neutral, so it won’t corrode aluminum frames and won’t leave mineral deposits on your panels.


Client Testimonials:

"Our solar panels look great, they are clean and spotless. Our electric bill has gone down, our solar efficiency has gone up and we will definitely have Dave Moore back again for solar washing. Dave’s professional manner and skill can’t be beat. We love North Coast Solar Clean!"
- Donna B.

"Dave is professional and courteous, a pleasure to work with. He even emailed me before and after photos of my dirty solar panels since I was not about to climb up on my two story roof. North Coast Solar Clean is helping me to protect my investment. Both my energy bill and the environment are reaping the benefits."
- Nancy C.

"North Coast Solar Clean did a great job cleaning our solar panels. We would recommend their services to anyone interested in maintaining the efficiency of their panels. Our solar panels are a significant financial and environmental commitment, so it is important to us that they work as well as they possibly can to supply all of our energy needs. We thought all the rain we have been having this year would keep our panels clean, but this was not the case. It rained just before they cleaned our panels and they looked remarkably better when they were done."
- Dan B.

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